Careers - Coldwell Banker Legacy

Careers - Coldwell Banker Legacy

Do you have questions about a Real Estate Career?
  • What it takes to become a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent?
  • How do you get a Texas Real Estate License?
  • Startup costs?
  • What sets Coldwell Banker Legacy apart?
  • Why are our agents some of the most successful agents in the industry?
Are you an experienced agent, looking for a caring, non-competing Sponsoring Broker?

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Agent Testimonials:

“Coldwell Banker is a great place to be a part of. The environment is very supportive and the training is superior to anything else in the marketplace. Coldwell Banker Legacy has directly positively impacted my success as an agent and the culture at the office is outstanding. We work hard, play hard and have fun.” 


“I have been with Coldwell Banker since 1991. This is a well-managed, progressive real estate firm with truly professional agents, office staff, and managers. All of us get along well, work well together and we all make ourselves available to each other for support and advice."


“I can’t imagine working for another real estate firm in San Angelo, Texas. I have been an agent since July 2003 and in each of the last 10 years, I have sold over 50 units. Why? As much as I would like to think this was all because of me, it wasn’t. It was a direct result of being a Coldwell Banker Agent. What sets Coldwell Banker apart?

  • ·       Superior training, from the national organization and local company.
  • ·       Powerful national franchise; which gives us the benefit of branding and advertising which drives people to our office.
  • ·       Tools which makes our jobs easier and more productive
  • ·       NON-competing broker. Our business model is different; the broker prospers when the agents do well.

So what does all of this mean for you as a real estate practitioner? It means that you will have a better opportunity to prosper here.”


The following is a testimony provided by agents who moved to Coldwell Banker Legacy from another larger office. Here is what they have to say......


“We heard so many horrible things about Coldwell Banker before moving over.”

·        …… is a high-pressure environment. (not true!). 

Yes, the office is run in a business-like manner, but you are left to tend to your business with encouragement and support. If you choose to ask for help with business planning and coaching, this is available at your option

·        …… cannot get an office and have to work out of a cubicle. (not true!). 

Your production earns you an office.

·        ……..there are agents who work here and who only care about money. (not true!).

The agents here are successful because they are serious about being successful, but the encouragement, support, and friendly environment are anything but cutthroat!

·        ……..agents lie to get listings. (not true!). 

CB offers sellers so many tools and resources; there is no need to lie.

·        ……. that CB holds listings back so they can sell them in-house because agents get a larger split if they sell an in-house listing (not true!).

Now, this would not be very smart! Why risk the wrath of a seller when they find out that their home is not showing up in online marketing and the possibility of getting a quick sale? The fact is that because we have more buyers than other companies we may already have a buyer for a home before it is even officially on the market.

·        ……. an agent who recruits someone gets paid for recruiting. (not true!). 

The agents here are very excited about what CBL has to offer its agents and understand that the more producing agents we have the more business they will have, so if they approach you to join our team, it’s because they feel you would benefit.

 ·        …….once a listing is taken, the Seller never hears from the Listing agent again and that CB has a transaction Co-coordinator who deals with Sellers. (Not true!).

Yes, we have a transaction closing coordinator, but she/he does not communicate in any way with the sellers or buyers. We have to support staff including, a Transaction coordinator to enter your listings in the MLS and Coldwell Banker systems and to ensure that the closing disbursements (commission’s) and Home Warranty information is correct for closing. The support staff is for designated activities in order to allow the agents more time to list and sell, which means more money in the agent’s pockets.


“The agents at CB are so NICE and helpful.  Since our move, our business has picked up considerably. We know how uncomfortable the moving process is when you work in such a small town."If you have ANY questions, ask Bev for our number, as we will be happy to answer your questions confidentially."


Don’t rely on what you have heard, or been told, get your information first hand!

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