High Sales Low Inventory

Posted by Beverley McCleery on June 29, 2021 in  uncategorized
Much is discussed about the record low housing inventory in today’s market. But, there are homes to sell. Here’s the explanation. It’s projected that 7.1 million homes will be sold in the U.S. in 2021, up from 6.5 million last year. Some forecast a record-setting $2.53 trillion worth of homes will be sold this year. But how is the torrid pace of home sales possible as housing inventories sit at or near rock-bottom levels.... read more


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New investors often lump wholesale real estate and house flipping into the same category, but these investment paths are not the same, and each come with perks and challenges. Ultimately, your personal investment goals and knowledge of the real estate industry will drive your decision. Both wholesale real estate and flipping can be profitable investment options.... read more


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Take a cue from our helpful hints on kitchen design and combine the perfect mix of hardscape elements with a dash of aesthetics to serve up the ultimate pièce de résistance for your kitchen!

Staging Tips To Enhance Your Home's Appeal

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Buyers quickly fall in love with homes that have a strong character while wordlessly conveying the lifestyle they would enjoy if they lived there. Consider that proper staging is one of the most important factors in enhancing your home’s appeal and flattering features.

Raising Sale Price

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While a treehouse is still most commonly associated with kids’ games in the summer, it can make a home seem much more luxurious — and bump sales price. According to data released by Zillow, a treehouse was the outdoor feature that saw the sharpest increase in sales price. Listings mentioning it saw an average sales price increase of 2.2 percent, compared to 1.6 percent for a hot tub and 0.7 percent for a finished basement.... read more
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